10 tips to Move to Mexico & Baja California Sur.

One of our real estate advisors, Cherine Khouzam, moved from Canada to Baja with her entire family four years ago. Throughout her journey, these are the off-the-record tips she finds can be of help to all foreigners making the move to this beautiful and rich country.

1. Learn as much Spanish as you can, and don’t ever be shy to use it. Let’s face it, this challenge will be fun and will make you expand you general knowledge about the country. You can always count on the locals; they will happily help you in your Spanish speaking skills.

2. Train yourself to eat a little spicier, add a chile seed to your meal every day. There are several levels of spice and you can start little by little until you can fully enjoy the richness of a hot sauce or meal!

3. Make sand your friend, it really is everywhere. And the best way to do it is to spend as much time in all the beautiful beaches in the area… we guarantee you will love it!

Casa del Chef in San Jose del Cabo

4. Re-discover the diversity of fish and seafood. Seafood in Baja California Sur is as fresh as you can get it. You can have it in tacos, pasta, barbeque… you name it.

5. If you are American, learn the Metric System, if you are Canadian, European or from any other country, you’re good to go. It is easier than you think! You will get used to it really soon.

6. Get ready to enjoy a real taco. Discover the real flavors of nixtamal and hand-made tortillas, pico de gallo sauce, creamy guacamole and hot sauce. Simply delicious!

7. Make the sea your friend. It has so much to give you! If you want to wind up after a long day, would like to enjoy a lazy evening, or would want to practice any watersport… the sea is your pal and will be your perfect companion.

8. Read up on the varieties of cacti to impress your friends when they come to visit. It is amazing the wide variety and beauty of cacti you can find in the area.


9. Make sure you interview a few Realtors, so you end up with the best property for your needs. Whether to rent or buy, your agent should be able to present you options for you to choose from.

10. Remember that Coldwell Banker Riveras has been voted the BEST Franchise in Mexico for 10 straight years AND we have 6 offices spread across Baja California Sur to best serve you!

 For more information about Living in Baja California Sur and its Real Estate opportunities in Cabo, San Jose, East Cape, La Paz & Todos Santos,  call us to + 52 (624) 143.1342 or send us an email to info@cbriveras.com

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