Best Baja’s Real Estate option, this is why:

11 reasons we are Your Local Experts for Your Piece of Mind:

1 – Is the visionary founding family behind our name, our brand and our reputation.

2 – Is for the beds of water that surround us: notably the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez.

3 – Is for the major cities in which we live in and thrive in

4 – Is for our typical property views: ocean, city, mountain and golf!

5 – Are our typical office working days

6 – Are our company’s Core Values:

  • Integrity: Above all else
  • Family: The core of all life
  • Client-Centric: Win-win or no deal
  • Community: Always for the better
  • Continuous Learning: Seek first to Understand
  • Team: Alone you may run fast but together we will run further

7 – Are our number of offices covering the southern tip of Baja: Cabo, San Jose, La Ribera, Los Barriles, La Paz, Todos Santos & Cerritos.

8 – Are the daily working hours our support staff (administration, accounting, marketing, maintenance and closing) work for you

9 – Who says that you gotta have nine lives to truly enjoy Baja?

10 – Is now one year less than…

11 – Which are the years we are the # 1 Coldwell Banker office in Mexico!!!!

Thanks for making each year count!


For more information about Coldwell Banker Riveras’ s real estate services and Baja California Sur news, call us to + 52 (624) 143.1342 or send us an email to

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