What to Do if Your Home Doesn’t Sell

The article has been originally published on Zillow blog. Text by Brendon DeSimone; Brendon is a Realtor and real estate expert based in San Francisco and New York. He is a contributor to Zillow Blog, has collaborated on multiple real estate books and is often quoted by major media outlets. You can follow Brendon on Twitter. […]

Casa Hogar, care homes for the children in need of Baja California Sur

We received a very friendly letter by “Mama Diane”, a social worker who has been living and helping most vulnerable children of Baja for the past six years. She has been visiting Baja since 14 years ago and has more than 30 years of experience of working with “at risk” children. Diane sent us an […]

Los Barriles News (Sep 15th, 2011)

Los Barriles News During this week, Esthela Ponce Beltran (La Paz Mayor) and many distinguished members of her administration, including Ramiro Hirales Silva, Delegado Municipal for Los Barriles and Angel Cesar Amador Soto, Director de Transito Municipal, celebrated the opening of a new police office located on the coast road in Los Barriles. With the […]