The Complete List of Important Questions to Ask A Contractor Before Hiring Them!

Originally Published by Lindsay Listanski, at Coldwell Banker Blue Matter Blog here When you set out to do a remodel, addition or other major home renovation, you will need a general contractor to oversee the work that needs to be done. Hiring a general contractor means getting the best person, and while there are many […]

10 Real Estate Road Trip Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know!!

By: Lindsay Listanski. Originally published by Coldwell Banker Blue Matter here  Summer time often means long road trips away from home.  While the freedom to travel wherever you please makes for great summer vacations, the trips themselves can sometimes hit entertainment road bumps. Keep your road trip companions on their toes and be the […]

Why is it better to work with a Real Estate Professional?

Why is it better to work with a Real Estate Professional?

We asked our agents their personal input on what are the advantages of working with a Real Estate Professional rather than trying to sell a property directly, or commonly known For Sale By Owner (FSBO). These were their answers. Notice the similarity? Mike, Lisa, Alvaro & Rebeca agree in one thing: our commitment to your […]

Los Cabos Beachfront Living – Villa Alejandra.

By: Joanie Feinstein. Welcome to Villa Alejandra, an incredible beachfront residence caressed by the Pacific Ocean breezes. Its unspoiled location at Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas is the perfect setting to enjoy life by the beach. Wake up early in the mornings and go for a nice long walk, sip your morning coffee/tea on your […]

Reasons to work with a Coldwell Banker Riveras Real Estate Advisor

By: Claudia Mercado Whenever I talk to my family, friends and clients about what I do, I explain them that I help and advise people selling or buying a property in the area. Some, think is a great job and others believe that using a professional is not necessary, but all of them should know that whenever […]