robert ruyg

Robert Ruyg

Real Estate Advisor at San Jose del Cabo

Robert was born on the Island of Java, Indonesia, and traveled to Europe for his education. After receiving a degree in building technology, it was time to start exploring the world. Immigration to Canada was the first move where he further developed his love for construction and specialized in the technology of concrete forming and the extrusion of concrete. Sales of forming products and consulting in these technologies took him to many countries around the world, especially to 3rd world and developing countries.

He has been married to his Canadian wife, Sharon for 33 years; with 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren in Canada. Sharon had spent considerable time on the Baja in the early seventies and had always had a lasting memory that was renewed 24 years ago, on a visit and just simply never left. The weather, culture, people and so many fantastic opportunities made it not possible for them to leave. They bought land, designed and built a B & B for Chef Sharon to show off her splendid cooking skills. However, in 2006 the B & B was sold and they moved to Los Zacatitos, on the East Cape. After the opening of the B & B in 1992, Robert started selling land for a prominent Mexican family, the largest land barons at that time and he has been selling real estate ever since with extensive knowledge off the East Cape.

Robert & Sharon became Mexican citizens and truly enjoy living on the beach in Los Zacatitos, it has brought them even closer to the beauty of the desert and of course the Sea of Cortez. As Robert says, “We experience the unique beauty of Los Cabos through scuba diving and driving off road in our buggies. Investing in San Jose has allowed us this very unique life style and we love to share our experiences with new visitors to this area.”

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