Blanca Bastida, a young and talented real estate professional in Los Cabos

Joviality, willingness to learn and intelligent follow up are key elements that define the personality of Blanca Bastida, one of our newest team members. Would you like to know her? Here’s her interview!

Would you like to share with us your working experience?
My first job after graduating college was here within the Grupo Riveras family. About 9 years ago I was part of the administrative team where I was fortunate to be introduced to the real estate world. I stepped out to join my family’s business as Marketing Manager, to later travel to Europe and perform a Master’s Degree in Communication and Advertising Management in Barcelona. During that time I also worked in Editorial Planeta and had the opportunity to learn and experience more about the always exciting and ever-changing publishing and radio world, an enriching and enjoyable experience that helped me a lot.

You were born and raised in San Jose. Throughout the last decade, what have been the main changes you have witnessed?
The great growth of the city and its services, as we now have various amenities and activities that were limited or non-existant (schools, medical services, recreational opportunities, etc.). However, I cannot help but feel nostalgic for the days where everyone knew everyone and San Jose was still a small town.


You’re one of the youngest professional advisors we have. What have you learned regarding the Los Cabos real estate market?
That there is no way to go wrong when buying property in Cabo, San Jose or anywhere else in Baja! Undoubtedly, an investment in this place pays dividends at a variable level that will last the following years. It doesn’t matter if you’re a national buying your home or a foreigner buying a second/vacation home. Real estate in here is a smart choice.

What do you think of the market offer for young people that have decided to start their own family? Or for other nationals moving permanently to Los Cabos?
There are many new residential developments designed for young families with more than just safety in mind, but with quality lifestyle that adds up to property’s appreciation. I think it’s a market that continues to develop strongly and presents a worthwhile bet with great potential. These opportunities vary in price, financing options and amenities, but mostly, are a healthy alternative to support investment in real estate and promote the economic growth and development of the city.

You have been able to travel and live abroad, what is your opinion about the lifestyle in Los Cabos?
Los Cabos is a very noble place that allows you to enjoy a quiet yet sophisticated lifestyle, free from stress. This place has been home to many successful professional projects.  Being relatively a new city, business and development opportunities are at hand. If I have not convinced you yet, just think about it: you have the best of a big city (to own your own business) while rejoycing with the peace and tranquility of a coastal city.

What do Cabo San Lucas and San Jose can offer to anyone who decides to invest in the area?
Quality of life and investment security, simple as that.

Blanca certainly has the business insight and passion for what she does, allowing her to be a helping hand and to provide accurate advice to those who decide to work with her. You can reach her by email at or call the Coldwell Banker Riveras real estate office in San Jose at (624) 142.5544

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