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    A foreigner living in Todos Santos, Mexico

    We all know that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. And at Coldwell Banker Riveras we believe that each one of our real estate advisors bring tremendous value, knowledge, charisma, experience and character. That is why we are the #1 Coldwell Banker office in Mexico for the 11th year!
    Today, we’d like to present you a brief interview with agent that has been with us for the last five years demonstrating her commitment to both her area and clients. Meet Lisa Welsch. Originally from Bay Village, Ohio, Lisa lived many years in San Diego and moved to Todos Santos in 2006. And recently, Lisa was recognized with a Baja Diamond Society designation by Coldwell Banker Riveras for her success and sales during 2014!

    Lisa during February’s Award Ceremony by Coldwell Banker Riveras

    Why did you move to Todos Santos? We traveled quite extensively and looked at many potential places to live in our travels. During one of those trips, my husband and I fell in love with Todos Santos: the slow pace of life (quite opposite to being boring, actually), the proximity to the USA and ease of getting back and forth; plus, the climate, the kind and thoughtful people, the energy, light, beauty and sweetness of this quaint and peaceful pueblo made us invest in real estate here.
    Do you miss the big city? Not really. I go back and visit friends and family on a regular basis.
    Lisa with her sister during one of her vacations in Todos Santos

    What made you go into Real Estate? My father was a developer/builder and on Sundays we would drive around and look at homes. In 1985 I got my California Sales license and began a very fructiferous career in real estate. I had the opportunity to be part of Barratt Homes as a Sales Associate and Escrow Manager for 20 + years. During this time, I was able to work in several areas of real estate, all of which helped me with a broader panorama to help both sellers and buyers.
    In your opinion, how do you see the real estate market in Todos Santos now? I think the market is doing well. We are in a resurgence! Todos Santos is undergoing a major urban redevelopment with many important upgrades in our streets and downtown. The four-lane-highway from Cabo to La Paz is in perfect condition so we are close to both cities, their amenities and international airports, plus, the by-pass road to the airport is just about completed. Also there are some large investors and developers coming to our town, we are on an upward trend!
    What advice would you give anyone looking into buying a property in Baja California Sur? Easy: Come on down to Baja! Weather is perfect and the area is a surfer, artist, yoga, mountain biker, retirement and you-name-it mecca. Where else can you purchase a home or lot under $350,000 USD with Pacific Ocean and mountain views?  Where else can you enjoy long walk on pristine white beaches and not see a person? Whale watching, swim, surf and enjoying nature are just some of the attractions in the area.
    Name your Top Three favorite things about living in Mexico, in specific, in Todos Santos
    1.  Climate
    2.  The beaches
    3.  The people
    Lisa is an avid runner! You can find her supporting local charities and races in the area.

    Lastly, as a foreigner living in Mexico, any words of advice you’d like to give to our readers? I would advise the following:  Be open minded, learn to speak Spanish, don’t bring an agenda, understand that there are no absolute answers to most questions and be flexible because laws, rules and guidelines can change. Mexico does not run on the same time clock as you, which is good! Remember there is always mañana. Mind your manners: gracias, por favor and disculpa will open many doors for you. Enjoy the beauty and serenity and uniqueness of being elsewhere. Trust your instincts and do your homework. Interview your agent and determine if you two are a good “fit”. Ask yourself these questions and answer them truly: Do I trust my agent? Is my agent representing my interest or their interest? Does my agent answer all my questions to my satisfaction?
    Remember not to leave your common sense at the border – don’t do something you wouldn’t do at home with respect to investing in real estate. Be sure to obtain a title report, home inspection and survey so you have a full understanding of your investment.
    And especially… ENJOY. From one world-traveler to another: nothing will compare to the feeling of waking up to your home in Baja.
    If you would like to catch up with Lisa about travels, Todos Santos living and real estate, send her an email to

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