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    An interview with veteran real estate agent Robert Ruyg

    Today is the turn to sit with Robert Ruyg, someone who is rather quiet but with a strong and always interesting point of view. He is a proud foreigner living and enjoying the relaxed lifestyle of Zacatitos, on the outskirts of San Jose and where the East Cape begins.
    Where are you from and why did you move to Los Cabos?
    Originally I am from the small mountain city of Bandung on the island of Java, Indonesia. However, I spend my schooling years mainly in Holland, but in 1967 I decided that I had to find more space then what Europe had to offer and ended up in Vancouver, Canada. My wife Sharon discovered Los Cabos in the early seventies and when we sold our business we had an extended vacation in Mexico, which made me discover Los Cabos. Sharon was thrilled to be away from the wet Vancouver winters and it was a great substitute for the missing Tropics in my life, yet, it presented us an opportunity to be only a mere 4.5 hours away flight from Vancouver and our family, it was a great choice!

    Great memmories for Sharon and myself!

    Coming from an international background, how does it feel living in a small community in Los Cabos?
    Having lived in large cities all of my life I have always wondered what it would be like to live in a small place. It was not easy in the beginning living in Los Cabos, there was not much here in the early nineties in the form of supplies and food as we traveled to La Paz once a month to do the big shopping. It paid off to go there as the savings on our food paid for the 2-day trip. With the arrival of Costco and several other international brands in the last 10 years, Los Cabos has grown at a huge rate where mostly everything can be found.
    How do you find the recreational, working and health care opportunities for foreigners?
    Los Cabos has given me plenty of enjoyment! Baja has to offer an abundance of nature activities unique in this world. My love has been developed by exploring the mountains, the back roads in off-road cars, both for leisure and racing.
    I’ve always enjoyed a good adventure!

    In the 25 years of having lived here we have had several encounters with health related issues and have had fantastic care.
    Having lived and worked in many part of this world, Mexico is not different then any other country when it comes to making a living for a non-native. Procedures and laws have to be followed and due to language differences; getting a job is not always easy but it is totally worth it. It happens that this area caters to a large foreign market and the need for employees to speak the prospect’s tongue is important, which makes it appealing as a way to improve our quality of life.
    How long have you been in real estate?
    In the first year we were here, I built a B&B that my wife operated, so after the completion I started to learn about real estate business, working with a large family that owned a lot of land in this area. After 6.5 years, I started my own brokerage that I closed when we sold the B&B and moved away from San Jose to the off the grid subdivision of Los Zacatitos, by the Sea of Cortez. However, it did not take long for me to be bored and started working for well-known multi national real estate companies. So to answer your question, this totals to over 24 years in this business.
    How do you see the real estate market in Los Cabos?
    What can I say that has not been said about the development of Los Cabos? Regardless of the North American economy it has a two fold steady annual increase in population: firstly by Mexicans coming from the mainland to service the needs of the second home market with all its exciting activities, from fishing to golf and much more. Los Cabos has it all for everyone and people are seeing this area as the place to be for recreation.  Having said that we are also experiencing a vast increase of US and Canadian retirees where they can enjoy a relaxed, off-the-grid and amicable lifestyle.
    My backyard

    Do you recommend retiring and living in Mexico to any foreigners?
    Yes I do, but in my own way by telling them that the lifestyle I have and is experienced by others cannot be duplicated up North; we have very little traffic, our beaches are a perfect opportunity to spend the day and the weather is fantastic all year long!
    If you too are thinking about retiring to Los Cabos, starting your own business in the area or wonder what is like to spend idle days on  the beach, send Robert an email to For Coldwell Banker Riveras’ San Jose Real Estate news visit or call local 624.142.5544 | US / CA 858.964.3715

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    • Bill and Karen Fann

      Written on

      We stayed at Terra Cotta many years ago and had an awesome time and have wanted to repeat this vacation. Please email us if you still own,manage a B&B outside of your real estate business. We have great memories of riding the rail in the Arroyos with you! Also thought of you two often, and wondered how y’all were doing.
      Warmest regards,


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