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    Cerritos Beach, a vacation destination is well underway.

    It’s no secret Cerritos has changed a lot over the last decade. What was once an off the beaten path desolate beach known only by locals and few adventurous surfers and campers from the North is in the process of transforming into a destination location attracting visitors from around the world. With the completion of the new highway system Cerritos is now easily accessible from the International airport. What used to be a three hour drive from the airport on a winding two lane road is now a smooth one hour cruise. Visitors arrive from the airport via the toll road which connects to the beautiful and scenic four lane costal highway. While getting here was once half the battle, getting here is now an enjoyable part of the experience.

    Cerritos beach is a very special and unique place in Baja California Sur. It’s widely known as the only swimmable beach on the Pacific coast of Southern Baja. Cerritos is a family oriented beach that has something to offer to both seasoned beachgoers as well as less experienced vacationers alike. There are several features of Cerritos beach that make is so unique. To begin with Cerritos is a sand bottom beach. There are no rocks or reef present here. While many of the neighboring beaches feature cobblestone or reef bottoms, which can present a danger to swimmers and beachgoers, the sand bottom at Cerritos offers a much more user friendly venue.
    The second unique feature of Cerritos is the gentle slope of the beach into the ocean. This gradual transition from the beach to the ocean floor causes the incoming waves to break further from the shore. The fact that the waves break further offshore make the beach much safer for swimmers and beachgoers playing at the water’s edge. The surrounding beaches feature a much steeper shoreline that causes the waves to break directly on the beach which makes swimming considerably more dangerous. The mellow slope of the beach at Cerritos results in waves great for surfers to enjoy as well as a shoreline where swimmers can safely play at the water’s edge and enjoy the Pacific Ocean. These unique feature of Cerritos beach keeps old visitors returning while attracting new visitors at the same time.
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    Development here at Cerritos is still in its infancy due to the fact that up until 2005 it wasn’t possible to own property here. Many people have long considered Cerritos to be their personal hide away, the only thing that prevented them from purchasing and making a permanent home was the fact that it simply wasn’t possible. Prior to 2005 the land at Cerritos consisted of a sole parcel communally owned by the Ejido of Pescadero. (the term Ejido in Mexico refers to the original inhabitants of a pueblo). Because this zone consisted of one parcel communally held by the Ejido members it was impossible for anyone to purchase here until 2005. It was at this time when the Ejido completed the process of privatizing and subdividing their land. This resulted in the creation of approximately 1100 individual lots averaging 2000 m2 (half an acre) each. These properties were individually awarded to the Ejido members at which time they began to sell their lots to the public and Los Cerritos officially opened for business. Once the titles came out people in the know began to buying up everything they could get their hands on with the knowledge that development of the area was now imminent.
    Fast forward to 2018 and the real estate market here at Cerritos is on fire and the pace is continuing to accelerate. Cerritos has now garnered international attention via word of mouth on social media, as well as exposure on such fronts as HGTV´s House Hunters International and Mexico Life (see video below). While traditionally the majority of the sales in this zone have taken place between November and April, as those are the peak months for vacationers, that rule no longer applies. These days sales remain strong and constant throughout the summer months. As a result of the increase in demand prices are on the rise.
    With new ground breakings taking place every week return visitors and locals alike can´t help but notice all of the changes taking place. In this zone it seems like every time you go outside you notice something new taking form. With both commercial and residential construction popping up throughout the area the transformation of Los Cerritos from an untouched jewel in the desert into a vacation destination is well underway.
    Now is the time to get your foot in the door of this gorgeous and still undeveloped piece of paradise. Whether you´re looking for an ideal spot for your next vacation, a location to build the perfect beach house or an investment opportunity Cerritos beach has something to offer everyone.
    By: Mark Sherman – Real Estate Advisor / Cerritos & Todos Santos

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