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    Claudia Mercado, Real Estate & The East Cape

    The knowledge and professional growth of a real estate east cape agent are qualities that do not appear overnight, on the contrary, It is something you have to work on every day. That’s why we are happy to share this interview with Claudia Mercado. She lives at Los Barriles and for the past 2 years has earned the familiarity and knowledge of its real estate market that have allowed her to develop her professional experience and become a promise in that area and our group.
    What is your work experience?
    My work experience had always been focused on business and customer service. I have always felt related with helping people accomplish their goals.
    How did you start in this real estate business?
    Since customer service is the area where I have developed all my work experience and I realized how much I know and love this wonderful land, in my mind real estate represented the perfect opportunity to keep doing what I have been doing – but on a more challenging field; and at the same time share my love for Los Barriles with everyone else. I took some seminars and attended training courses while I also learned all the legal implications, etc. After a lot of work and thanks to my family and friend´s support, my dream came true and nowadays I’m part of the Coldwell Banker Riveras family.
    Los Barriles is a preferred community for foreigners, why do you think that is?
    Simply put: because it is just wonderful! It is not just its natural beauty but the quiet lifestyle, so friendly, nice and free; and that’s because of the perfect combination of people living here. No matter where are you from everybody is part of the community. We support each other and we make them feel not only welcome but part of us as well!
    Do you recommend the area to nationals too?
    Of course! The East Cape is the perfect place to be disconnected and go back to what really matters to anyone; of course you can do it at the same time that you are enjoying nature in all its splendor.
    You have lived in big cities, by living in Los Barriles, do you miss the lifestyle of a big city and all that includes?
    NO. I confirm every day this is the place where I want to be. The door is open to move back to the big city but I’m the one who chooses to stay here and I would not change it for anything.
    Besides being an agent you are a mother and a business woman, how do you do it?
    With a lot of planning and organization. Fortunately, I have my family and friend’s support and also some people who help me to maintain the balance, but it is still a challenge every day. Life is full of challenges and experiences and we have to know how to enjoy both of them without fear.
    What do you enjoy the most of Los Barriles?
    Two things in particular: Freedom in all its senses, from being able to go to any place in a short period of time to not being judged by a neighbor or not to worry about fulfilling some rules or stereotypes imposed by society in big cities. The respect that we share is priceless.
    Also, the quiet lifestyle of our everyday (no stress, no traffic, no pollution) combined with nature, make me feel sure that this is the ideal place to watch my daughter grow and make memories of life.
    If you want to know more about the fascinating and relaxed lifestyle of Los Barriles and the East Cape, or want to invest in the area, contact Claudia at or by phone 624 14 10808

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