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    Lend a hand campaign for affected in Hurricane Jimena

    by Anabelle Rossell
    I love Mexico. I absolutely adore my country. Every day I´m fascinated with its colors, places, music, its culture and historical background, the warmness in the people and the generosity of them. 
    This time I´m writing to you about a project, because I think it´s worth to be mentioned. Baja California Sur was recently hit by hurricane Jimena leaving lots of damage in all aspects of many lives, and nowadays it´s not easy to lose your home or business, no matter the size or the range. It´s tough to lose something you have worked hard for and it is even worse not being able to control the effects of the human nature.
    Hurricane Jimena hit directly at the northern part of Baja California Sur early September, leaving severe damage to Ciudad Constitución, Comondu, Mulegé, Santa Rosalía and other surrounding towns. It has been the worst phenomenon in 50 years. Those who have family living there were checking over the phone what was going on and kept continuous updates. In Santa Rosalia residents were informed that arroyo grew and floated downtown and in Mulege the river grew over 30 feet. Those leaving nearby lost many things. Electricity was cut off and water wasn´t potable anymore. Roads were also damaged and the access was impossible.
    Later that week a local developer and good friend of mine sent me an e-mail with pictures of what remained of our beloved part of Baja. He was one of the first to organize his contacts and gather help for those in need. Even my relatives from Santa Rosalia called asking for water, canned food and clothes. Coldwell Banker Riveras office in La Paz started a social media campaign to get as much help as we could. Facebook contacts from Los Barriles and Mulege provided information about centro de acopio and testimonials were quickly distributed online.
    As a member of the counsel board of AMPI LA PAZ (The Mexican Association of Real Estate) another help request was organized by e-mail and the first one to respond was Jose Luis Gaytan, a local well known attorney at law and also AMPI LA PAZ treasurer also representing La Concha Condominiums HOA. Jose Luis talked to me to inform they would provide 170 boxes of water to be sent through DIF (Government Family assistance).  
    Sierra Azul Water Company helped us deliver the boxes @ DIF centro de acopio last Saturday. I was received by Pedro Graciano, family lawyer and a volunteer for DIF. He wasn´t expecting to receive a loaded truck so we had to wait until we got further assistance to leave the cargo in a bigger place. While they downloaded the boxes, more people arrived to leave diapers, toilette paper and canned food and it´s really heartbreaking to see very humble people willing to help without hesitation.
    So I happily wrapped up the first aid delivery and I´m looking forward to do more. Feel free to contact us if you want to help or visit our Facebook page if you want more info.

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