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    • An iterview with Adriana Resendiz about the La Paz Real Estate Market

    An iterview with Adriana Resendiz about the La Paz Real Estate Market

    Today we present a young promise in the real estate market in La Paz. Not only for her ability to negotiate, but for her development of ideas and concepts, as she knows how to combine her profession as an architect with client service. We are talking about Adriana Resendiz, granddaughter of architect Manuel Diaz Rivera the founder of Pedregal of Cabo San Lucas and Pedregal de La Paz.
    If you come from a family of entrepreneurs, how has their influence reflected in your life?
    “There are so many things that they instilled on me, like positive habits as simple as how to start the day by doing exercise and having a good breakfast. Also because of their example and passion, I decided to study architecture. I grew up among construction and watched my grandfather draw every afternoon on his drawing board each time I visited him in Cabo. But most importantly, my family’s greatest influence is through their example of how they loved everything they did: their daily work, enjoying a sunset by the beach and above all to perform each one of their activities in the most honest way.”

    Adriana and her cousing enjoying the Cabo beach

    How was your childhood in the small coastal town of La Paz? Do you think this city is friendly to other nationals and foreigners coming to live here?
    “It was a really happy time! I love La Paz and everything in Baja California Sur! I think that being a relatively small city, it has great potential. People continue to see us as a quiet and relaxing place to be, to come to retire or to enjoy a smaller, less polluted and crowded city. There are many things for anyone to enjoy and do in here, as we all play an important role in the development and growth of La Paz and keep on transforming it into a true paradise.”
    Moving on to business… What do you think are the advantages of buying land and building on it?
    “As real estate advisor and especially as an architect, I can say that acquiring land is an excellent choice for those who want to create from scratch, based on their needs. You can develop the property of your dreams in your own way, on your time, by stages (depending on your budget) and most importantly considering exactly what you need.”
    Pedregal Tennis Center at Pedregal de La Paz

    How do you see the offer of lots in La Paz? Is there a good variety of residential and commercial options?
    “Within downtown there are few options that successfully combine location and amenities at an attractive price. However, well-planned growth is occurring in strategic locations on the outskirts that offer fresh and competitive options. Such is the case of Pedregal de La Paz, where the main options are residential lots to invest in a safe, quiet and really beautiful place. In addition to that, the developer is currently working on creating a special product for all those who do not want to build, but want a nice, comfortable and safe place to live. Look for it! I’m sure you will be greatly interested.”
    For a foreigner or national who moves to La Paz, what would you recommend in regards to the real estate market?
    “To take a moment and have the opportunity to compare the different residential options available. Real estate in La Paz perfectly combines luxury properties overlooking the Sea of Cortez, family-style houses, land and investment opportunities. In addition to the growing supply of services, development of amenities, an international airport and close proximity to beautiful magical town of Todos Santos and the ever popular Cabo, both foreign and nationals can enjoy a relaxed or active lifestyle in a city known for the incomparable beauty of its sunsets.”
    Definitely, there is always so much more to discover and enjoy in La Paz, don’t you think? To learn more about this beautiful coastal city and different real estate opportunities, contact Adriana at or call the office at (612)106.7113.

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