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    La Paz News: The World's Largest Burrito [Nov 9, 2010]

    Dear reader, our team from Coldwell Banker Riveras La Paz, shares with us an event that was highly anticipated and celebrated, how the city holds the record of preparing the largest burrito!
    Hola Guinness Record!
    On the last issues of our Coldwell Banker Riveras newsletter I´ve been able to delight myself reading personal experiences from some of the Coldwell Banker Riveras team members. So I thought of sharing my insight on how La Paz city joined the Guinness World Records from someone who has “on the line of fire”. Hopefully, by the time you finish reading this, you´ll be craving for our local flavors.
    Prior to November 3rd all the locals were talking about what we called on Twitter #elburritomasgrandedelmundo (world’s largest burrito). Leaving aside topics like candidates for the upcoming elections, economy, the mayor, the governor, etc, everybody´s first question was “Did you know La Paz will do the world largest burrito to get into the Guinness Record?” I mean…wow! We all were very excited about this special occasion.
    Mrs. Lorena Hinojosa, owner of El Zarape Mexican Cuisine Restaurant and the leading lady of CANIRAC La Paz (National Restaurant Chamber, La Paz section) was the main organizer for this event at our beautiful Malecón. Sometimes she seemed exhausted since this is an extraordinary task that only an extraordinary woman could achieve. Mrs. Hinojosa and her team went through the whole nine yards dealing with challenging situations, but no matter what, they did a fantastic job and I applaud and admire that.
    Burrito time!
    The burrito was planned to measure 30 cm wide and 2.7 kms of length (700 meters larger than the current record from Tamaulipas). It would start in Marques de Leon street, nearby Rancho Viejo Restaurant, and would go on to El Molinito, at the Breezemart area. They closed the street early morning on November 3rd and started to place security, tables, mobile kitchens, etc. It would take 12 hours of preparation, 54 local restaurants participating and 3,000 people among chefs, gastronomy students and volunteers to achieve the record. Early morning people were asking on the streets, Facebook and Twitter for updates, we were eager to know how it was going since we were working at the office (not that I´m complaining boss!).

    Early preparations

    When the chefs started to prepare the flour tortilla with a special “oven” to make it one big piece, it broke (Holly bolony! Now what?). Later that day we were all informed that the tortilla was patched; we were going for the largest burrito, not the largest tortilla, and we all moved on (Phew! That was close!).
    The flour tortilla is ready, let's bring the filling!

    After getting off from work, I decided to go for a walk and see what was going on since I couldn´t find any info online. When I arrived it felt just like a Carnival: there was a lot of security and several groups performing or playing music, all putting a special vibe to the event. So I ended up in a nice spot in front of Perla Hotel, just by the security fence in front of the burrito, a not-so-crowed spot…yet. Then a beautiful sunset came down and the “burreros” (burrito makers) wrapped up the tortilla in plastic and the staff brought the filling: beans, fish machaca, onions, peppers and lard. The Guinness Record judge, Ralph Hannah, stopped at each kitchen to weight the ingredients to submit the info. They used a total of 500 kg of beans, 200 kg of lard, 3 tons of onions and peppers and 3 tons of fish machaca. By this time it was very, very crowded.
    Weighting the filling

    Preparing the burrito.

    And carefully, folding the burrito.

    A horn sounded to formally start the preparation and camera flashes appeared all over the street. The horn sounded every time they completed a stage and continued to the next one, we all were cheering and excited! Then the order to stop was given and people waited for the final result. Again, the judge went by to verify and measure the burrito. Finally the result was announced and La Paz officially entered the Guinness Records book for the World´s Largest Burrito weighting 5,799.44 tons and with 2.7 km of length. Hooray!
    After it, they sliced the burrito and we all were able to continue the fiesta for over 27,000 people!
    As for November 3rd, La Paz will be known to the world for being the capital of the state, a sport fishing meca, its beautiful pearls and yes! For having the Guinness Record preparing (and eating) the World´s Largest Burrito.
    Congratulations everyone!
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    • Cornie

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      That looks like one tasty burrito, I am from that area but don’t live there anymore, I wish I could have had some of that burrito…. All the best cornie


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