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    La Paz Real Estate with Gabriela Alvarez

    When you talk about La Paz Real Estate sometimes, a little change in our directions can lead us to where we are meant to be. That is the case of our colleague Gabriela Alvarez, who just one decade ago knew very little of sales and today, because of her performance, charisma and attitude, has become one of our top sales agents in La Paz.

    How did you start in the real estate business?

    It was unexpected. I was looking for a job and I met Adriana Diaz Rivera, she told me they were looking for an office manager for the Coldwell Banker Riveras office in La Paz, so with resume in hand I was interviewed by Leticia Diaz Rivera, the broker. That was in late December of 2004 and by the beginning of February of 2005 I was hired. I was so excited because I had a really big challenge in front of me: I was only 24 years old, all the real estate environment was new for me and at that time, it was dominated by people with so much more experience than me. I felt also a huge responsibility and commitment towards the Diaz Rivera family for the confidence that they were giving me. For a period of three years I was the office manager and I ended it with a lot of satisfactions and accomplished challenges.

    During those years I realized that for me, the exiting part of the job wasn’t the administrative side, it were the sales. If someone would have told me that I would be a sales agent I would have laughed because I never ever consider I had that ability; plus, I used to think that it was very difficult. Step by step and with the confidence that being a realtor was my call, I began this adventure. Almost 10 years later, and in spite of all the ups and downs of the market, I still think that it was the best decision I could have made.


    In your opinion, how is the real estate market in La Paz?

    Other than principally being a national´s market, and as stable as the circumstances and economy allow it, real estate clients in La Paz are looking for integral services from companies like us: responsible and trustworthy to make them feel secure about their real estate transaction while keeping a fluent communication during the entire process. A lot of clients have realized that this can be a very easy and smooth process if you do things the precise way; but it could also be an unpleasant experience if you don’t have the right people advising you.

    You are one of the top agents in Pedregal La Paz, what are the advantages of buying, building and living within this development?

    Just like I said it before, I didn’t think that I was able to sell not even a pencil, but it was Pedregal de La Paz that made me realize that sales are easy when you really believe in what you are offering. Pedregal de La Paz is the perfect residential community to invest because it offers lots with the most beautiful Sea of Cortez views, appreciation and very good funding terms (accessible to all), all of this with the luxury and unique lifestyle that only Pedregal offers.

    As I was getting to know the project, I realized what it offered and it made me put it on perspective with other similar communities, making me fall in love with the idea of helping people to discover this seaside paradise and to become part of a community. It is a unique place with magnificent views, safe and serene… is a complete project that cares about every little detail in the short and long term.

    You have been in La Paz for many years, was difficult for you to adapt the lifestyle of this city? Do you think it could be difficult for other people? Foreign and nationals?

    I was a little girl when I arrived to La Paz so I adapted very naturally. But I could tell you thousands of stories of friends that came just for “a few months” and never left. La Paz has its own rhythm. What is lacking in comparison with other big cities, gets compensated in quality of life and all the natural beauty you can enjoy.

    How could you describe the lifestyle in La Paz?

    Magnificent! The city is perfect example for anyone looking to escape from the traffic stress, to enjoy lunch time at home with the family without the hurry to have to go back in an instant… It is the perfect place to enjoy a multicolored sunset, its arid landscape and wonderful crystal clear beaches. La Paz is THE place to Live!


    You have a family of your own now, do you think that La Paz has all the infrastructure and services a family needs?

    I couldn’t think of a better place to live with my family: we have an airport with daily national and international flights connecting us to the principal cities in Mexico and the States, competitive educational institutions, the city is frequently hosting different sporting events that encourage the participation of the entire family, it also features high-quality hospitals with attentive personnel, entertaining malls and if all these things were not enough, we are just a couple hours’ drive from Pueblo Magico Todos Santos and Cabo San Lucas. What else can I ask for?

    There is no doubt that Gabriela’s energy and enthusiasm can be felt throughout her answers giving us the certainty that whoever works with her will be well attended.

    If you would like to talk to Gabriela regarding La Paz Real Estate or give you a tour of properties ideal for you, send her an email to

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