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    Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your House

    So you’re ready for selling your house, get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions. It can be sad because there is always that emotional attachment to the place that provided you shelter and comfort, more specifically, to the memories you created there: Sunday barbecues with the family, Christmas mornings opening presents, your baby’s first steps. However, it’s also very exciting! You get to live in a new location and more importantly, make a profit from the sale of your home.

    Many homeowners are so desperate to see that “sold” sign, that they make many mistakes which can be easily avoided. Selling a house can be complicated, but we collected a list of avoidable mistakes to achieve the simplest selling process:

    • Let Go of Emotion─ I know, your baby learned to walk in the living room and you’ve invested so much in repairs, but, it’s crucial to keep in mind that your house is a product for sale as any other. You need to detach yourself emotionally from your home and not take it personally when someone offers less than your desired amount. Never lose track of the end result. Selling your house for less than the desired amount could actually be cheaper than keeping the home lingering on the market which is equivalent to taxes, maintenance, insurance and so on.
    • Don’t Do It on Your Own─ Many homeowners choose this path to avoid paying commissions. However, when doing so, they miss out on guidance, vast knowledge, and advocacy a real estate professional could provide. Look at it as an investment. You will be able to avoid confusion and headaches down the road.
    • Choosing the Wrong Realtor─ There are many realtors out there, but make sure to not pick the first one you see. Take your time in checking their professional background and making sure that the realtor you hire suits your needs.
    • Posting Bad Photos─ Does McDonald’s ever post a picture of a real hamburger they sell? Of course not. Humans are visual creatures. Your house will most likely be posted on a website and buyers are expecting to see really good pictures. Let’s be honest, pictures taken on your dirty cellphone camera will just not make the cut. One of the main marketing tools when selling a house is photography. It is highly recommended to get professional photos taken. Well taken photos lead to more interest, which will then lead to more prospective buyers and bids.
    • Not Making the House Welcoming─ When potential buyers see your house you want them to see themselves having breakfast in the kitchen or reading a book in the living room. Make sure that your house is correctly staged, it doesn’t matter if it’s a mansion or a studio apartment. Spaces cannot be appreciated if they’re full of clutter and personal items, like your dirty sneakers. You want the buyer to envision themselves in your house. Some homeowners make the mistake of emptying the house prior to buyers’ visits, nevertheless, this is a huge mistake. You want the buyer to be able to visualize how the spaces in the house can be possibly used. If the house is empty, it is harder for the buyer to feel the sense of a home. Ditch ugly furniture and clutter, but don’t empty your house out. Remember, you’re selling a product.
    • Pricing Your Home Just Right─ Pricing your home is a very difficult task. It is essential to have the right information before pricing your house. Don’t pick a price based on how much you want to profit from the sale, and let go of the sentimental value. The best option you have is hiring a professional appraiser to assess the value of your house. Overpricing can lead to your house lingering on the market, which can then lead to buyers thinking about why your house has been on the market for so long, making it less attractive.
    • Not Making Necessary Repairs─ As we mentioned before, you want the buyer to envision themselves in the house. Nobody wants to see themselves in a dingy house with dirty windows and chipped paint. Remember that the market is competitive and buyers want the best they can get. Talk to your realtor or contact a local architect to make sure you spend money on improvements that actually matter in your particular case. Take your time and carry out home improvements that will make your home appealing to buyers.
    • Not Disclosing Defects─ You may think that informing the buyer that there was a leak from the upstairs bathroom 7 years ago will make him run away, but it actually has the contrary effect. It’s always smarter to disclose any defects, generally, buyers are savvy. Make sure to share as much as possible with the buyer, so that they can feel comfortable with their purchase. Additionally, not disclosing can potentially lead to the cancelling of a contract or even legal issues.

    Use these helpful tips for guaranteed smooth “selling”!

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