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    What nobody says about Realtors

    When it comes to buying or selling a property, the logical option is use a professional that dominates the business, is familiar with the terms and is experienced to do it successfully. Here are five points that are rarely discussed and often taken for granted about your realtor.

    1. Building a relationship with your realtor is based on the basic and reciprocal foundations of respect and honesty. Trust them, you can be sure that they will look for the best option centered around your needs.
    2. Whoever said that monogamy is from the last century hasn’t experienced the headache that comes with dealing with more than one realtor. When a client has more than two agents working for him not only does it detract from the value and importance of their work, it also leads to confusion, delays, misunderstandings and unpleasant situations. This puts a damper on the mood, as well as the final result: a stressful and difficult purchase/sale for the client.
    3. Your realtor is more than a tourist guide showing you properties and answering your questions about them. They also offer you their knowledge, experience and support of a specialized team to advise you on mortgages, legal situations, paperwork and even maintenance, construction and/or decoration details for your property.
    4. They´re human, not magicians. Your agent will definitely use the resources at his disposal to successfully accomplish your objective. It is important that you take into account that there are factors (the current market, global economy, supply and demand) that can have an influence on the outcome. It is important that both of you evaluate each situation realistically and that you listen to his advice so you make the right decision.
    5. At the moment I cannot think of any other profession in which no salary / fees are paid until the moment of having successfully completed the work. Doctors, lawyers, plumbers, gardeners, teachers etc… all of them receive wages or payment in advance. Your realtor only receives retribution to their work once you have successfully bought or sold your property. Meanwhile variable expenses (phone, internet, gas, etc.) are all at their expense.

    The diversity of services and support realtors offer is impressive. I invite you to talk with one of them, get to know them, it may be the beginning of a fruitful professional and personal relationship.
    By: Crizol Ramirez / Administrative Manager / Coldwell Banker Riveras

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