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    • Useful Information for Home Owners in Mexico: Acquisition of Mexican Citizenship by Letter of Naturalization

    Useful Information for Home Owners in Mexico: Acquisition of Mexican Citizenship by Letter of Naturalization

    Recently we had an interesting conversation about home ownership in Mexico and acquisition of Mexican Citizenship with our business partners, law firm Alanís Serrano & Doblado, and they provided us this useful informational bulletin, which we thought was very useful and wanted to share it with you in its full length.  If you are interested in more information on owning in Mexico or acquisition of Mexican Citizenship, please let us know by email or contact AS&D at this email or by phone: +52.624.144.70.66 or 67.
    Dear Clients and Friends:
    Many of you are foreigners who have resided in Mexico for several years, and during such time you have acquired properties, business, employment or your children were born in Mexican territory and you have intention to continue residing here, you might be wondering if this reasons are sufficient to apply and obtain Mexican citizenship.  Here you will find some answers to the most common questions about this matter.
    What is the Letter of Naturalization?
    It is the legal document that grants the Mexican citizenship to foreigners.  Mexican citizens by naturalization obtain most rights stated under Mexican laws (there are some limitations such as holding certain public offices), but amongst the main benefits of naturalization is that enables the person to acquire properties without going through a Trust or by third parties.
    How can I acquire Mexican citizenship?
    There are different ways through which you can obtain Mexican citizenship, and this are the following categories for naturalization:

    1. Residence; In this case the applicant shall demonstrate residence in the country with immigrant or inmigrado status of at least for five years prior application date.
    2. Being descendant in direct line of a Mexican; in this category it is required to have lived in the country two years preceding application date.
    3. By having children born in Mexico; is required to reside in Mexico for two years as a minimum before the date on which the request is made.
    4. Being native of Latin-America or Iberian Peninsula; it is essential to have resided in the country for two years and that during this time the applicants have not left the country for more than 180 days.
    5. Have served or performed outstanding works in cultural, scientific, social, technology, artistic, sports disciplines or business work; it is required to have resided two years in the country previous application date.
    6. To have married to a Mexican man or woman; is required to have lived at least for two years before submitting application.
    7. Being subject to parental rights or being an adoptive child of Mexican citizens; this category applies for minors, the applicant shall demonstrate an uninterrupted residence for a year.
    8. To have been subject of parental rights or to have been adopted by Mexican citizens; the applicant shall prove an uninterrupted residence for a year.

    For each category it is required to demonstrate legal residence in the country with inmigrado or immigrant status, which means having FM2 booklet or credential.
    Which requirements do I need to fulfill?
    The applicant shall take and pass exams in order to prove that he/she is able to speak Spanish and knows the history of the country and that is integrated into national culture.  People older than 60 years old are exempt of this requirement.
    Where is the procedure performed?
    This procedure takes place in the Secretary of Foreign Affairs office, in Mexico City.
    How long do I have to wait to have a resolution from the authority?
    This procedure usually takes between eight and twelve months.
    Scope of services.
    If you are now living in any place of Mexico, particularly in Baja California Sur or Quintana Roo and you are interested to complete this process in order to have the benefits of being a Mexican citizen, our law firm Alanís, Serrano y Doblado, provides assistance to its clients to obtain the Letter of Naturalization, as well as during the procedures related to visas immigration for temporary residents or permanent residents, so they can conserve a legal residence in the country and to be able to carry out profit an non-profit activities here in Mexico.
    The immigration services of our firm include legal counseling about advantages and disadvantages of all possible alternatives to obtain an immigration visa or in this case, acquisition of the Letter of Naturalization, therefore we assist our clients by elaborating all the necessary documents required by the authority, in order to maximize possibilities of approval for immigration status, our services include as well, the representation before the National Institute of Migration and before the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, in Mexico City. Alanís, Serrano y Doblado has offices in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Los Cabos and Mexico City therefore we offer a personalized service during the entire process, and in addition to the services abovementioned, we also provide the following:

    • Reception at the airport and personalized services by one of our Attorneys during the client´s stay in Mexico City, to facilitate your visit to offices in the National Institute of Migration and Secretary of Foreign Affairs.
    • Application addressed to the Secretary of Foreign Affairs.
    • Completion of DNN3 form.

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