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    Why Baja has become the best destination for retirement in Mexico

    To think about retirement and the way we can set it up is one of the most interesting adventures that life has to offer. After years of hard work, we realize it is time to maintain a comfortable lifestyle in order to enjoy these new days wherever and however we desire.

    It is well known that Mexico has incredible destinations to enjoy retirement, with Baja California Sur being no exception. Due to its beautiful beaches, the lifestyle of its inhabitants, and the variety of properties available to acquire as retirement homes, Baja Sur is the ideal destination for those seeking a plentiful life.

    Beautiful and fun beaches

    Living close to the ocean is a well-known privilege, since it not only entails multiple health benefits (such as improvement of the respiratory system and reduction of stress), but also offers a diverse range of activities to be carried out.

    Baja California Sur has beaches that have been recognized worldwide, not only for being among the most beautiful in Mexico but also because they’re one of the greatest places on Earth for practicing water sports, such as diving in La Paz or Cabo Pulmo, surfing in San Jose del Cabo, East Cape, Todos Santos and Cerritos, kiteboarding in Los Barriles or La Paz.

    Cities of the region, such as La Ribera, Los Barriles, and Cabo San Lucas, are the favorite ones for sport fishing.

    If you are a fan of nature, especially wildlife, La Paz is the perfect natural sanctuary to enjoy a swim with the whale shark, giant manta or dive with hammer sharks. Without a doubt, Baja Sur beaches guarantee fun times for you and your family.


    Amazing experiences day and night

    Lifestyle in Baja California Sur is incredibly diverse. You can enjoy tours and outdoor adventures every day of the year. Being a tourist destination, the region’s nightlife is very active and constantly offers a variety of delicious dishes at international restaurants or go for a night of drinks in a bar.

    You can enjoy a luxury life without limits: going on yacht rides, visiting exclusive boutiques and jewelry stores, enjoying the different golf courses, or simply appreciating million-dollar ocean views from the comfort of your home.


    The perfect home

    There is a wide range of options to establish your property in Baja California Sur, either acquiring land to build your new home or choosing an existing one that best suits your needs.

    Your home will be the sanctuary where you can enjoy a barbecue with your family, watch the kids swim in the pool while you sip some margaritas with your friends, or enjoy long late night conversations with your partner.

    Without a doubt, in Baja Sur, you can find a home where the safety, comfort, and health you need, are always available to you and those you love the most.

    Calmness, beautiful beaches, amazing views, constant fun, diverse gastronomy, and the perfect home. Baja California Sur is, for many, one of the favorite places for retirement; this extraordinary destination is, without a doubt, the paradise you have been dreaming about.

    Reach out to Coldwell Banker and we will gladly help you find your new dream home in Baja California Sur.

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