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    Why it is important to list your property with a Professional Real Estate Agent?

    By: Leticia Diaz Rivera
    In order to present your property to the market, an experienced professional real estate agent can advise you on all the details, how to make it look good, clear of clutter, price it right so that the exposure in the market  is positive, and give you a clear panorama of the impact of your capital gains and expenses.
    The Real estate market is constantly changing based on the demand/supply of properties, and though there are several factors that influence it, a key element will always be the property’s price. No matter the economic turmoil, there will always be buyers and sellers looking for an investment. A smart seller will price the property right following the advice of his/her real estate agent, and a smart buyer will immediately recognize the value in the property.
    And how do you price your property right? First of all, the seller must work with a qualified real estate advisor. There is no way around it, anyone can be an agent and try to help you sell/buy a property, but a true professional understands the market, follows up and guides you with his/her market experience and knowledge, and I’m not talking just during the closing process, but most importantly, when you initially list it!

    Together, you and your real estate advisor will set the price of your property based on:

    • The inherent worth of the property that comes from its location, views, amenities and surroundings.
    • A CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) indicating the size, number of bedrooms & bathrooms, room size, amenities such as pool, spa, fire pit, gardens, patios, garage, etc. and will compare it to similar properties not only within its community, but in the current real estate market.
    • Take the price you paid for it and put it in perspective considering any significant improvements you’ve done for it: carpentry, finishes, additions, etc. These elements will positively influence it.
    • It is important not to let your feelings get on the way of pricing your home. We understand the emotional value your home represents to you, time invested and the invaluable memories you’ve created there. Always keep in mind that what matters to you might not be the same to a prospect Buyer.

    And what do you get by pricing your property right? Not only a fast market exposure time, but a timely sale that ends up with a smooth closing.
    For over a decade I’ve led a team of real estate professionals with presence and market experience in Cabo San Lucas, San Jose, La Ribera, Los Barriles, La Paz, Todos Santos and Cerritos. I invite you to visit us and let one of our team members help you set the right price for a successful sale.

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