Mission & Vision

As we begin a new year, we would like to share with you our core values and the vision that help us stir into the right direction: helping you find your home in Baja California Sur. May 2014 be a year full of blessings, adventures that begin with the sunrise, days filled with a true […]

The end of an era?

By Cherine Khouzam Remember the yesteryears? Well, in terms of local Real Estate in Los Cabos, those were early 2000’s up until mid-2008. Ahh the great Baja Sur Real estate Market, the ultimate SELLERS’ Market! Peaks and dips in Real Estate are related uniquely and solely on offer and demand. The more the demand; the […]

This is how we do it.

By Cherine Khouzam It happens to all of us one day or another. Perhaps while you’re on your favorite vacation, or just returned from it, when it’s minus a million degrees outside or when your car ceases, when your boss is just being unkind or when your kids are screaming, when your family moves in […]