Coldwell Banker Riveras Cares! Part II

By Jennifer Powell

Many of you are aware of our incredible local Los Cabos Humane Society and I wanted to post an update on their latest campaign, called “The Wall of Hope” in honor of a beautiful neglected, rescued dog that tragically lost her life while the doctors and volunteers desperately tried to save her. So began the idea to build a Wall of Hope. Sponsors who donate $500 will get their name on a plaque on the new wall built at the shelter with the donations. Coldwell Banker Riveras was happy to contribute with this humanitarian mission as well as one of our own agents, Joanie Feinstein, who not only donated but also has two adorable dogs she adopted from the shelter.

placa humane society

Thanks to all those who have donated and continue to make efforts to better our local community!

Below is a letter from Robby Z who is an active volunteer and runs the social media campaign for the Los Cabos Humane Society. Please click on the link for more information on how you can help!

A quick update on our “Wall of Hope” campaign. So far we have just over 40 amazing people who have contributed $500 or more towards the much needed renovations at our facility.  We have also received smaller (but just as much appreciated) donations from another dozen people.  We have gotten SO MUCH done in the past six weeks at the shelter because of these donations, it is truly an amazing transition.  

Today we received our first group of plaques and we plan on permanently attaching them to our new “Wall of Hope” next week. They are being hand made and hand painted, so we will be receiving more finished plaques every week.

 If you know of someone that might want to join in our effort, please forward this email to them. The donation link is still active and we have room for more plaques.

Thank you to each and every one of you who support the Los Cabos Humane Society.  Your support means so much to all of us at the Shelter.

Robby Z

Please feel free to share any worthy causes with me, Jennifer Powell at: Don’t forget to check out our listings at, and thanks for caring!

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