Day of the Dead Celebrations in Mexico

November 1st and 2nd are the days when in Mexico we celebrate the Day of the Dead (El Día de Los Muertos). Although if at first it might sound odd that we celebrate Day of the Dead, it really is a celebration of life and a tribute to all who have passed away.

Walking around Mexican towns and plazas during this time of year you will notice many beautiful decorations, typical flowers, candles, incense and images of saints and/or of the dead one. The honoring of the dead is mostly in the form of an altar. Altars are made in honor of those who have passed away, they include their favorite dishes and beverages by our beloved: fruit, tamales, mole, sweets and the traditional sweet bread “pan de muerto”.

Another way to honor the dead is with a song Calaverita. A Calaverita is a “poem” rhyme that talks about death, and it is a Mexican custom for the day of the dead. You usually mention the name of a famous person or do it for somebody special. For this special occasion we would like to share with you the poem our colleague Aracely, from Coldwell Banker Riveras office in Los Barriles, created for Leticia. It is almost impossible to translate the meaning and rhyme into English, but we still hope you will like it.

Happy Day of the Dead!

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