Where is the fisherman’s dream-land?

Where is the fisherman’s dream-land?

The Sea of Cortes draws tourism from all over the world, its magic is that it’s still somewhat unknown compared to other vacation destinations.

The Sea of Cortes

Biologically speaking, it is the richest body of water on the entire planet. These rich waters are home to around 900 varieties of fish and over 2,000 species of marine invertebrates, and have caused admiration in many.

John Steinbeck wrote a book about his voyage here and Jacques Coustaeu called the Sea of Cortes “the world’s aquarium”. You may ask yourself if it is so small, why is it so diverse? We could drag into marine biology, but let’s keep it short and simple: there is an abundance of food supply due to several complex ocean phenomena.

As you can imagine, these creature-filled waters are prime for fishing all along the coastline. But as you venture down south, it gets even better. It is nearly impossible to describe the realities of fishing here, the abundancy and variety is every fisherman’s dream. If you want the best of the best, you have to fish at the East Cape.

So where is this fisherman’s dream-land?

The East Cape is a vast area comprising the Cerralvo Island to San Jose Del Cabo. Some of the magical places of the East Cape include Los Barriles,  Buena Vista, La Ribera, and Cabo Pulmo.

Before the completion of the 1974 transpeninsular highway, it was very difficult to access this area due to poor communications and difficult arrangements of lodging. Once it was easier to travel to this remote area, resorts began to open to accommodate the wave of foreigners with the urge to partake in this amazing experience.

Sport Fishing

Nowadays, sport fishing is the cornerstone of tourism in the area. This region has become a magnet for world-class fishing. The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) rated the East Cape as “the highest fish to angler ratio for striped marlin in the world”. But this region is not only famous for its marlin. When fishing in these vibrant waters, you can find world-class dorado, yellowfin, Pacific sailfish, swordfish, dolphinfish, wahoo, etc.

What’s great about the East Cape is that the waters are relatively calm, and to hook billfish, it is only necessary to cruise just a mile or so offshore. If you’re interested in fishing middleweight game fish, you’ll only have to cruise around two or four miles offshore.

Technically, you can fish year round and luckily catch something. But due to north winds, fishing slows down during the winter at the East Cape.

In March, the season gets in gear with a showing of striped marlin, and in May the numbers increase drastically, and catching becomes a rule rather than an exception. By June and July, a rush of sailfish arrives, and July through October are prime months for blue marlin. Generally speaking, from May to November is the peak time for fishing at the East Cape for most species.

If you’re a fishing enthusiast there are several exciting fishing tournaments which take place every year during these months such as the Dorado Shootout, East Cape Bisbee, Wahoo Gold Cup, Tuna Shootout, and many others.

So, I bet by now, you’re interested in embarking on this once in a lifetime experience, but I bet you have a ton of questions: Where should I stay? And how do I get a boat and equipment? Don’t worry! We got you covered.

There is a wide range of accommodations for visitors, such as hotels, resorts, trailer parks, and private homes for rent. A couple of all-time favorite hotels and resorts include: Buena Vista Beach Resort, Van Wormer Resorts, Rancho Leonero, among others.

Furthermore, there are many charter companies who will fulfill all your fishing needs from boats to equipment to delicious food. Even some resorts can accommodate you with everything you need for your fishing day. Not only will you enjoy prime fishing, you can also kick back and relax at these magical places with amenities, great food, hospitality, and breathtaking views.

Dwell no more! Visit the East Cape and make unforgettable memories with friends and family in a paradisiacal, remoted escape. The sights you’ll see and the hookups you’ll get will be life-changing. After all, the Sea of Cortez truly is the world’s aquarium!

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