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    Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas

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    For almost 40 years and for 4 generations, Pedregal Cabo San Lucas has been a beacon of luxury and secure investment for you and your family. Within its second-to-none location just steps from the Cabo San Lucas Marina, its welcoming lifestyle allows you to enjoy every day from start to finish. Its pet-friendly private beach is a true witness of family gatherings, marriage proposals and sunset walks.

    The community´s architectural guidelines allow for a diverse selection of architectural styles and flavors to co-exist, inviting home-site buyers and investors to freely express their preferences and designs within a wide range of styles and color palates; all with an aim of protecting present and future property and investment values.

    Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas is Los Cabos´ first luxury residential community and still, the most respected one.





    The immaculate beach and the ocean view at Pedregal is the perfect spot to begin your day with a walk, be it by yourself or with your four legged friends, or to spend a fall evening watching the stars appear and to gaze at the hypnotizing whales while they cheerfully play during their migration journey in the Pacific ocean.



    The Pedregal Tennis Club is located in the heart of the community, with mountain views and overlooking the city Marina, 2 well lit tennis courts and a practice wall provide you enough space and comfort for a friendly game or individual practice. Our professional tennis staff will customize every class and every visit to the Club to your specific needs, whether you are this sport´s veteran or want to join just for a fun workout.



    Pamper all your senses and indulge yourself into a relaxed experience. Visit The Spa at Pedregal and its calming view to the Pacific Ocean to enjoy a morning swim, an early workout or simply to treat your body to an invigorating massage or detoxifying facial. So private and intimate, the Spa at Pedregal offers personalized training, an organic line of skin care products and caring services by professionals.



    Founded in 1983 by the effort of three pioneering local families, El Camino began with 15 students in four classrooms and play areas without ground cover or shade. Throughout the years, Colegio El Camino has become one of the leading academic institutes in all of Baja California Sur.

    It offers all grades from Kindergarten to Grade 12 School and is currently in the process of acquiring international accreditation with two international organizations in order to widen their students´schooling experience and future opportunities. In addition to these epic achievements, activities include field trips for every grade level, festivals, expositions, athletic programs and artistic and academic contests to fully support the growth of their students. The school program focuses on developing children´s skills and abilities not just in the classroom, but from real world experiences through applied activities on and off campus.



    Since 2007, the Los Cabos Organic Market within Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas has offered an incredible selection of the freshest locally grown produce: all kinds of aromatic herbs and greens, colorful fruits and vegetables, whole roasted organic chicken, fresh whole chicken (legs, breasts, wings, giblets and livers available too!), organic eggs, gluten free homemade prepared food, raw local honey, local goat cheeses and milk, rustic European sourdough, traditional Mexican sweet breads, local fishmongers with the catch of the day, a delicious juice bar and most of all, excellent fair prices! This is a great opportunity to for Cabo locals  and Pedregal residents to enjoy a fun morning supporting our local businesses. Another great thing about the producers is that if given time and notice , they can help you with special orders or dishes for your family gatherings and dinners.



    Leading the innovative services for its homeowners and residents, Pedregal is one of the few communities throughout all of Baja California Sur that has its own desalination plant, which assures its residents of this precious necessary resource by building its own private desalination plant to continually ad generously provide water. Rather than depending on the municipal water distribution system, the ongoing water supply service of Pedregal´s desalinization plant is a testament to the level of commitment and exclusivity residents can enjoy in their homes.