Hurricane season recommendations

What to do before, during and after a hurricane, valuable recommendations from experts to protect yourselves and your property.

History teaches that awareness and preparation are common variables when it comes to preventing all hurricane disasters. As of May, we have entered the hurricane season and by finding out your vulnerable points and what actions you should take, you can reduce any damages to you or your property.

Before the Hurricane

Identify ahead of time where you could go if you need to evacuate. Choose more than one option: a shelter, a friend’s home, a hotel or other.  Remember to keep handy the telephone numbers of these places as well as a road map of your locality and have your car tank full of gas. Secure or bring inside all the small patio/terrace furniture, cushions and small pots that could be blown away. Lastly, make sure that all pets have an identification collar on at all times and that everyone knows where to locate leashes, carrying crates etc.

Make sure you have these items prepared:
•    Bottled water (2 – 3 gallons per person if possible)
•    Prescription medications & necessary medical supplies
•    First aid kit
•    Important documents (driver’s license, passport, social security cards, insurance information, tax records, birth and marriage certificates, etc)
•    Flashlight
•    Battery-powered radio & extra batteries
•    Charged cell phone
•    Road maps and phone numbers
•    Cash (especially small bills and change for vending machines)
•    Bedrolls or sleeping bags
•    None-perishable food items

During the Hurricane
If you get caught in a hurricane, follow these guidelines:
•    Remain calm. It is the number one action to take towards your safety
•    Unplug all electric devices
•    Stay away from windows and glass doors.
•    Close all interior doors – secure and brace external doors.
•    Make sure all of you are in the same room
•    Keep curtains and blinds closed. Don’t be fooled by the eye of the storm.
•    Lie under a table or other sturdy object
•    Turn off propane tanks. Avoid using the phone, except for serious emergencies.
•    No matter where you decide to wait the storm out, don’t leave before you are absolutely certain it is safe to do so. Listen to your local radio station for weather updates, and when you leave your safe area, make sure to watch for any downed power lines (you should always assume they are active) as well as any damaged or weakened tree limbs.

A word of caution: if you are in an area that is in danger of flooding, do not seek refuge below ground level, such as a basement.

After the Hurricane
Once the storm has passed, services may be disrupted due to damage, but each situation will be different. Here are some ways to settle in after the storm:
•    Listen to the radio or TV for vital information.
•    If your home is safe to occupy, open windows and doors for ventilation.
•    Check refrigerated food; if power was lost during the hurricane, some food might have gone bad.
•    Avoid drinking or preparing food with tap water.
•    Roads may be blocked with debris and road signs may have blown away. If you need to use your car, be alert, use your seatbelt, do not drive too fast and keep your precaution lights on.
•    Stay on firm ground. Moving water only six inches deep can sweep you off your feet. Standing water may be electrically charged from underground or downed power lines.
•    Whenever possible, cooperate with your neighbors to clean up and remove debris from the streets and nearby areas

We recommend that you stay inside your home and work closely with your property manager so all hazards are identified and actions are taken to protect your family and your property from harms way. If it is by putting Storm Shutters in place, piling your garden pots together or by simply doing a major cleaning in your back yard, you should be able to come up with a set of actions which will help you prepare yourself in the case a storm eventually comes. Remember, disasters can be prevented when taken the proper actions.

We wish you a quiet and safe hurricane season.

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