In the opinion of Cesar Meza

Dedication, attention and commitment. Three qualities that distinguish our friend and real estate advisor Cesar Meza. Born in Ensenada BC, he has lived in San Jose since 1991 and this is a little interview we prepared for you.


How long have you been a realtor? 12 years, all of them with Coldwell Banker Riveras.

Of all the changes you’ve seen in the area over the years, which ones do you think are the top three that really have made a difference? So many things have changed! But I think the next 3 things have been very important to help Los Cabos become a world class residential destination:

  1. The four-lane highway from the international airport in San Jose to Cabo San Lucas that has become a beautiful touristic corridor with amazing views, residential developments, golf courses, hotels and more.
  2. The luxurious and well equipped Marinas in San Jose and Cabo San Lucas – it is a delight to simply take a walk and admire all the different boats docked in there.
  3. And at last but not least, the improvements on communication: either home and mobile phone lines or the internet, technological advances have made efficient connectivity something very important in our daily life.

What do you think about the changes in the real estate market with its ups and downs since you’ve been a Los Cabos Realtor? In 2003 there was a “slow market” and a couple of years later came the big real estate boom in San Jose thanks to new amenities and its level of great service by Puerto Los Cabos Marina, golf courses and more. Nowadays, difference margins between a buyers’ vs sellers’ market is really small due to the inventory, demand and the well-established prices of the properties. Regarding if we are recovered from the economic downturn of years ago, I´d say we have come around not recently, but some months ago. Maybe we are not at the same pace as we used to be years back but definitely the stability we have now is unchanging and rational. We also have to consider that global economy is, and always will be, a very important factor in the real estate market.

Everybody considers Los Cabos as an excellent life opportunity to foreigners, but, is it also an opportunity for Nationals? Of course! Los Cabos is an excellent opportunity to all: quality of life, amenities, real estate appreciation and natural beauty is a combination you cannot pass easily.

Cesar and some of his San Jose team of realtors

In your opinion, how can the national investor benefit by buying real estate in Los Cabos? There’s a saying that goes: No bad days by the beach… if this is not reason enough you can also consider: quality of life, easy connectivity with the rest of the country or North America, job opportunities including having your own business, a constant private investment on education (sports, culture, schooling)… Do I need to say more?

Something else you would like to share? Investing in real estate is, and always will be, a secure venture. It is a secure bet to increase the value of your investment. Call me if you would like me to advise you… or if you would want me to share my favorite places to enjoy traditional food in the area!

Cesar Meza has always been known for his tenacity and client orientation service. You can contact him at or call him to the San Jose office at (624) 142.5544

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  • Mark Rockwell

    June 25, 2015 at 1:23 pm

    Cesar…., you need a haircut lol! No my friend. You look great!! Miss working
    with you and the crew at CB Riveras. Saludos amigo! Mark


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