Lord of the Wind Kiteboard Competition in Los Barriles

Photos by Lori Makabe

As you know, the Lord of the Wind kiteboard competition is put on by Los Barriles local Rotary Club, and the funds from this event enable the club to provide the ongoing support to the local community including the following projects and activities:


–    Continuing operations and expanding the offerings of the local the technology center.  This allows local access to computers and the internet so they can develop skills needed for success in the 21st century. Plans are being discussed to bring a similar center to other towns such as La Ribera.
–    Supporting the local health clinic. We contribute regularly to on-going needs and work with other Rotary clubs to procure large grants for equipment, child care, and other needs.
–    Supporting the local sport club / activity center. We are providing financial support thru the use of local contributions combined with a Rotary lead crowd funding event.
–    Healthy Water: With financial assistance from Rotary Clubs in the United States we are providing water filtration systems to families and rancheros here in Baja.
–    Responding to local emergencies like Hurricane Odile.  We maintain an emergency fund enabling us to participate in first response and then establish additional funding efforts.
–    Maintaining the fountain at the entrance to town. While the government provided the money to build this funds were not allocated to maintain it. We feel that the fountain provides the community with a landmark and sense of identification.
–    Planning for next year’s Lord of the Wind:  In addition to being the club’s primary fund raising event, the Lord of the Wind is a significant economic benefit to the community. The estimated economic impact of last year’s Lord of the Wind was roughly $1 Million USD.

So, in short, your support enables us to do a lot of good for the area, and Coldwell Banker Riveras feels honored to be part of this incredible team.

See you at Los Barriles (Baja’s East Cape) for the Lord of the Wind kiteboard competition, January 13-17th!!!! 


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