Los Barriles News (Sep 15th, 2011)

Los Barriles News

During this week, Esthela Ponce Beltran (La Paz Mayor) and many distinguished members of her administration, including Ramiro Hirales Silva, Delegado Municipal for Los Barriles and Angel Cesar Amador Soto, Director de Transito Municipal, celebrated the opening of a new police office located on the coast road in Los Barriles.

With the help of local attorney Gisela Talamantes Saenz as the overall facilitator, this successful community project is now a reality. It will allow the police to operate out of two different locations as to provide a higher degree of police service and a quicker response time to requests for assistance.

Mayor Esthela Ponce with some members of the local community

This is a project made in conjunction with the local authorities as well as the community: the Municipality of La Paz donated land for the facility while local residents donated funds for the construction of the building.

Congratulations to the Los Barriles community!

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