Loving and living Baja California Sur

Let me tell you a small example of why a lot of people come and decide Loving and Living in Baja.

When my father moved from Mexico City to Baja California Sur, our lifestyle changed drastically for the better. After so many years of living in this area, raising my son and now seeing him raise his own, I can only tell you that our change was the best decision we ever made. Baja California Sur is our home and it offers all its residents the best quality of life we can enjoy. It is a beautiful place where the roughness of the desert is softened by the gentleness of the Ocean, where you find a different kind of forests made of cactus and cacti, and where you feel like spring and summer year round. While I share some of my favorite vintage pictures from the past 40 years, let me share with you why this is such a perfect place for you too:


The tip of the Baja peninsula has something for everyone: starting by La Paz, the State Capital with a warm feeling of belonging in here and one of the most beautiful settings: El Malecon, a side walk by the Sea of Cortez that stretches for almost three miles; Todos Santos, on the Pacific shore, prides to be one of the most artistic and cultural communities in the area (if not all Mexico); Cabo San Lucas, the tip of the peninsula is a paradise for golfers and fishermen alike; San Jose del  Cabo, a mission town, with its wide variety of spas, golf courses and exquisite dining options; and finally, The East Cape with La Ribera & Los Barriles, small towns with miles and miles of unspoiled beaches, scuba diving options and all kinds of watersports. Families that move here can also count on some of the best schools in the state. One such school is Colegio El Camino that offers outstanding academic ambiance and tuition with IB program www.colegioelcamino.com

Commuting from one place to another only takes minutes. It affords those who live here the ability to spend time, quality time, with their loved ones; since everything is relatively close, you can devote time to either your favorite hobby or with your favorite people.

And for those who choose the Baja just as their vacation getaway can count with three international airports in the area offering nearly 40 flights a day to international destinations, some of them to a few major hubs that allow you to leave your house in the morning, fly to your meeting and be home for dinner.

Los Cabos, a land of opportunity


There is not much else to discuss: Baja California Sur has it all, and our team of real estate professional can provide you with advise on the best properties in all Baja Sur, it is no wonder Coldwell Banker Riveras has been awarded the best Coldwell Banker office in Mexico for the last 11 years as a result of the attention we provide to our clients.

From my family to yours, welcome home!
Leticia Diaz Rivera

If you would like to know more about Baja California Sur Real Estate, Coldwell Banker Riveras’ services or talk to me about the market… send me an email to leticia@pedregal.com

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