By Lisa Welsch

You have just moved to Baja California Sur and have either bought a home or are going to build it.  It’s time to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor… but before you get too comfy, I suggest you organize your documents, important dates and have all your ducks in a row. As a foreigner living in Mexico (and loving it, by the way!), here are my personal comments on how you can make the best of your personal errands while enjoying the good life!

Dates to Remember.  
•    La Paz Municipality residents. In October pay your property taxes for next year and receive the 30% discount offered.
•    Los Cabos Municipality residents. A 20% discount applies if you pay your property taxes at the beginning of the year, in January.
•    Mark your calendar to pay your annual fideicomiso fees. Ask your Coldwell Banker Riveras sales agent if you don’t know it. He/she will also advise you on how and where to make it.
•    Know when your water, electric and phone bills are due. Often times you may not receive your bill and the next thing you know your electricity was shut off Friday evening and you have to wait until Monday to rectify the situation.
•    Insurance Policy premiums due annual or semi-annually.  I’m referring to auto and hazard insurance. A trusted insurance broker is my choice to go, they can always advise you on which is the best policy for your needs and let you know when your fees are due.


•    I suggest opening a Mexican Pesos account & USD checking account with your local bank, it will be easier to make local payments.
•    With a local Peso account, it will be much easier to set up auto-payments for services such as electric and telephone, internet, etc.
•    Be sure to name all parties on the account with equal access and authority
•    Be sure to state names of beneficiaries in the event of death
•    Keep your checkbook and debit cards in safe and secure place in your home.

Files to Maintain: Electronic and hard copies.
•    Copies of your fideicomiso – all pages
•    Copies of annual fideicomiso payments.  Often times the bank has no recollection of what was paid.
•    Copies of your passports, driver licenses, marriage certificate
•    Copies of all credit cards and numbers to call in the event of lost or stolen cards
•    All banking information – account numbers – wiring information – 24-hour customer service numbers in the event of lost or stolen ATM card
•    Copies of all insurance policies.
•    Copies of will & testaments and family trusts
•    Photo copies of valuables such as: jewelry, art, cars, atv’s, computers and phones
•    Make sure all these are within a safe place at your home.

•    When setting up your new water/electric accounts be sure that your property tax identification number is listed on your bill.  This will identify your home to the service.

It might sound like a lot, but many of these things can be done in a matter of days or by your property manager, assuring you confidence and tranquility. Now that you have accomplished all this it is time to relax and enjoy the good life that many seek… and just a few find.

For more information about Todos Santos Lifestyle, Real Estate & news, send Lisa an email to visit or give her a call to our Coldwell Banker Riveras Todos Santos Office 52.612.145.0118



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