Questions to ask your Selling Agent

SELLING YOUR REAL ESTATE: Not all real estate agents are the same. If you decide to seek the help of an agent when selling your home or property here in Baja California Sur, you need some good information before you make any moves.

Choosing a real estate agent is one of those critical issues that can cost or save you thousands of dollars. At Coldwell Banker Riveras we’d like to give you some specific questions you should be asking to ensure that you get the best representation for your needs.

Cerritos Surf Colony
Cerritos Surf Colony

1. How many homes have you sold in my neighborhood in the past year or two?

Ideally, you want someone with a track record in your neighborhood and preferably in your price range.  See how much experience they have selling what you have.

The more stats and data the agent is willing to provide (houses sold, prices, average sale to list price ratio, average days on the market, etc.*), the more confident they are in sharing their expertise and their ability to sell your home.

2. How many sellers are you representing now?

Folks say this can cut two ways. A busy agent may be too busy and an agent with no clients may have more time to market your home. I prefer a busy agent.

 3. At what price do you think my house will sell in the current market? And why?

This will give you an understanding of the agent’s knowledge of the market and their thought process in pricing your home, the most important decision you’ll have to make. An experienced Realtor will refer to the recent market data, the current pool of comparable homes on the market, and your home’s condition and amenities in giving you an answer

 4. Can you give me a written CMA and a list of homes currently on the market?

All agents should give you a written comparative market analysis (CMA). The detail (or lack thereof) of the report will tell you a lot about the agent and their knowledge of the market.

5. What is your advertising and marketing plan for my house?

A blend of online and offline marketing will reach a broader spectrum of buyers. Know the manner and frequency of advertising and any open houses. The issue of open houses is hotly debated by professionals, many who feel they do not produce buyers. There should at least be an open house for other brokers, so they in turn can show their Buyers. Also, the more photos a listing has, the more attention the home will get. Ask how many will be taken.

 6. Do you have a website and/or blog?

Virtually all agents have a website. Visit it to get a sense of the agent and the brand. If they have a blog, visit and read their posts and comments, you will get enormous insights into the agent’s personality & local expertise, among other things.

7. How often will you communicate with me?

You should agree to the frequency of contacts: contact is vital, even when nothing is happening! Regularly updating you with any new information/concerns. They must inform you of ALL offers. They should have email and be reachable most of the time should you have a question or concern. Ask when they are not reachable.

8. What happens when you are not available?

Agents work extremely long hours and try to be available whenever and wherever you need them. But however accommodating they try to be, they are not always available. Ask your prospective real estate agents what arrangements they have in place when they are not available.

 9. Why should I hire you over your competition?

The agent should have a ready answer. Most consumers are looking for a real estate agent who is:

  • Honest
  • Experienced in their local market
  • Excellent negotiators
  • Readily available by phone, e-mail, sms, etc
  • Good communicators
  • Quick to return calls or emails
  • Friendly, enthusiastic
  • Analytical
  • Successful in getting results

10. May I see the documents I will have to sign?

These should include, of course, the listing agreement and sales contract. If the listing agreement does not have a cancellation clause, ask if you can cancel if you are unhappy with the services. If you have the free right to cancel, the length of the listing agreement does not matter much. Read all documents and ask questions if there is anything you are not comfortable with.

11. Can you explain the process to me?

This will give you all the steps involved in selling a home and why an agent is a valuable expert to have on your side. We have always believed this helps Sellers understand the process more completely. And understanding removes anxiety.

 12. What haven’t I asked you that I need to know?

This catch-all can prevent surprises later on.

What do you think? Do you find these questions useful? Your opinion matters!

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