Surfing Baja

Surfing Baja

During summer time, offshore winds and sea currents run south to north, and given the location of the peninsula, the beaches bathed by the Sea of Cortez (on the southern end) are the ones with the most interesting swells to look for.

 And on the other hand, in winter, the Pacific currents run north to south and not only bring our beloved humpback grey whales from the artic sea, but a majestic offshore swell for an epic surfing experience! Where else can you enjoy surfing all year long not more than a 60 minutes ‘drive from home? Join us while I take you to the most popular surfing beaches in Baja.

sea of cortes, surf los cabos
Photo by: Alejandro Fuentevilla

Sea of Cortez

Playa Acapulquito.

Though it is a reef break, this area is probably one of the best ones to begin and to build your surfing confidence. It is a great paddle and swimming beach during winter time.


The Rock.

Best for intermediate surfers, it breaks mostly right although you get a short but energizing leftie. A pretty rocky beach, it is a very fun location as it helps to develop one’s surfing skills and speed.


Visited by many for its beauty and nearby restaurants, surfing here is also a good option for those who want to learn as it is an easy right break.


San Jose’s most popular surfing mecca and home to the annual Los Cabos Open of Surf, the premiere professional surf and music event in Mexico with incredible exposure worldwide. Surfing experience at Zippers is intense and features a sometimes short, yet usually consistent swell. Its reef structure creates a long break when the size is right. On a low tide it is a pretty rocky beach, but nonetheless, a fun area to spend quality time with friends and family.


El Tule.

A very good right reef break, it is located between Cabo and San Jose and presents the perfect opportunity to camp over the weekends… or a quick early morning surf before heading to the office.



Rocky and not for beginners, this break is a favorite for its powerful swell and direct Land’s End view. Closest surfbreak to downtown Cabo.  Es leftie.


surf la pastora
Photo by: Kamal Schram
surf la pastora
Photo by: Kamal Schram


La Curva.

Home to a sea lions colony, this beach features a right break and it is not for beginners as the swell can become intense, thus, a more extreme experience but   great for the experienced.


La Pastora.

Beautiful sandy beach with a rocky point. Depending on the swell, this beach is predominantly a short board wave. Best time is early in the morning before the wind picks up.


San Pedrito.

Really good right and left break in the morning, before the wind makes the surf session harder. Very popular destination for locals and foreigners.



Probably the most popular beach on the Pacific for its consistency and ease, it offers many amenities and residential opportunities to both rent and own. This beach is great to learn on the whitewater, near the shore but it offers great long waves both left and right when the swell is right. It is a sandy beach, making it easier to go in and out of the water.

Those are just some of the most popular surfing beaches in the southern area of Baja, but there are many more that also are a favorite for their easiness/challenging break, such as Nine Palms, Shipwrecks, Migriño and the all-time preferred one of San Juanico, also known as Scorpion Bay, on the Pacific. This particular beach  prides itself on one of the longest waves and is ideal for both amateurs and professional surfers with the best swell direction from the south-southwest. Each and every one of these beaches presents a relevant sport/touristic venue that add to the glory of the Baja lifestyle.

Though surfing is a great stress relief, an incredible opportunity to test your own limits and a way to reconnect with nature on its purest form; for many, it is a lifestyle that is positively reflecting in society by being more conscious of our beaches and sea life. If you too are drawn to the sea and are eager to feel the rush of blood while skillfully riding a wave, remember that the Baja beaches are just a short drive/flight away… all year long.

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