Day of the Dead, celebrations in Mexico

Day of the Dead, celebrations in Mexico

November 1st and 2nd are the days when in Mexico we celebrate the Day of the Dead (El Día de Los Muertos). Although if at first it might sound odd that we celebrate Day of the Dead, it really is a celebration of life and a tribute to all who have passed away.

End of Year Festivities in Mexico.

A reflection of culture, tradition and centuries of history. What makes a date a festivity? Is it because of all the years of traditions? Would it be because of the food, drinks and colors of each celebration? Or might it be the look of expectation, hope and remembrance of people? Mexico is a country with […]

Dia de los Muertos

November 2nd, 2010. Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) As a Mexican, I have always enjoyed all the different traditions, festivities, colors and sounds from my culture. Each year I eagerly wait for January 6th to savor the rosca de reyes, I have always smiled with the carnivals in my hometown Mazatlan, screamed […]