The Auriga Spa at Capella Pedregal, Cabo, Mexico. The Affair

This blog post is written by Cherine Khouzam, San Jose del Cabo real estate associate.

Whether you come to Cabo to play or stay, be it for a good time or a long time, be kind to yourself by treating your body, mind and especially your soul with the respect and the generosity these key essences of you deserve.

From whom the bell tolls
I am a simple woman, with a simple life. I am driven by my four children, my work and my passionate demeanor. I believe in working hard and playing hard. I am the eternal optimism and embrace the extravert in me when needed.  I like to reward myself with simple things; a juicy cheeseburger, a favorite nail polish color, my weekly beach day, and watching the skies and trees change their color. Luxury and lavishness are not common in my daily routines and seem far, far away, in another scope of my life. Something I know is there but not within my reach…

If you visit Cabo, then you’ve heard about Capella Pedregal, and if you’ve visited Capella, the you’ve heard about their Spa Auriga. Perhaps you’ve even had a treatment, or enjoyed the facility, if so, you will relate to the following elucidation. If not, you’ll want to.

Welcome the Celestial Sphere
As any great Spa around the world, the feeling of serenity and relaxation should exude throughout the entire facility and this, from early on in your arrival.
Auriga reaches beyond its realm since the very moment you are guided through the massive wooden carved door.

Once inside, your senses are instantly invaded in the most pleasurable ways, as you are greeted and asked to choose. The first of many delightful decisions to me made is one of six entrancing aromas which will be used to heighten your chosen treatments to come.

As I start my walk through the pathway to bliss, I was captivated with the sounds, the smells and the aura of this spa. The areas, the alignment of the amenities and the décor of the Ladies’ Lounge are all simply inebriating.

You are encouraged to exploit these fabulous amenities such as the dry sauna, the extra steamy steam room, the fabulous ice room adorned with fresh chilled fruit, the soberly lit hot tub and the oversized lounge with picture perfect décor and lush sofas and pillows. The scattered goodies like fresh apple chips, berry and chocolate brochettes and chlorophyll chilled water are plentiful and available throughout the Lounge.

Your journey starts with the foot ritual, where, in your snug bathrobe, you are settled in a pillow filled cove. With both feet plunged into lukewarm and perfumed water below, you therapist begins this glorious cure. They (your feet and your mind) receive such a treatment bestowed on royalty itself.

Cortinas Abiertas
The actual therapeutic massage treatment is a bonus for I would have been fully gratified with only the wicked foot ritual.

The treatment chamber is unlike anything you have ever seen. This room is rounded, with an elegant door leading directly into Spa’s exclusive salt water pool. The view from these treatment chambers are  dreamy as the clear  blues of the swimming pool are topped off with red of the flowers, then offer sapphire pacific views as icing on this cake.  I opted for the curtains to remain opened; this vista was not designed to be hidden… ever.

My therapist was knowledgeable, strong and attentive and my body is still grateful to me.

As my time drew to an end, I opened my eyes to find that view… oh that view!

More time was spent lounging, steaming, relaxing, smelling, nibbling and swimming as the initial invasion gave way to gentle haunting of each and every sense.

The smell of the fragrances in the air and from every towel, the euphoric sounds of the melodies and cascades, the feel of everything soft and warm and cozy, the sights of beautified surroundings inside and outside and the taste of everything delicious about this Spa, literally and metaphorically.

I hear you assuming that the cost of such a stimulating experience is a high one to pay, friends, you will be thankfully stunned at the contrary.

This Affair is to be repeated, without moderation.

You can contact Cherine for more information on her Auriga Spa experience, and for any information regarding Los Cabos Real Estate directly. Cherine’s email: and phone: Phone: (+52) 624 142 5544, U.S. Vonage: (858) 964 3715

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