Why there is no better time to buy real estate in mexico than now? How can we be so sure of that? After the years of double digit % rise of home values in Baja, 2009 was the first year that brought down the prices of Baja real estate, somewhere reaching price reductions from 10 to 40%. We could say that we are back to the level of real estate as it was around 2007.

As any investment of course, the value of your investment is going up and down, depending on the global economic situation, local markets and added value of your investment. In case of Baja California Sur real estate, your investment is destined to go only higher. There is no other location in the world, that could offer you such an amazing combination of location, weather, nature and stable economic conditions of the country (Mexico has no deficit!).


So even though some buyers who bought their secondary, vacation or investment properties in 2007 are now experiencing a slow halt in their value rise, they are patiently waiting for the economy to get back on it’s feet. Some of them are even taking advantage of the lower prices and buying additional properties, as they are sure that the value will rise in the future. Baja still has a lot of opportunities to develop, and it will never cease to be an attractive touristic destination.

We at Coldwell Banker Riveras are aware of this, and we have a wide selection of properties you might be interested in. Currently we have around 400 real estate properties for sale, located all around Baja California Sur: Cabo San Lucas real estate, San Jose del Cabo real estate, Los Barriles real estate, La Ribera real estate, La Paz real estate, Todos Santos real estate, Pacific Corridor real estate, nearby locations and developments like Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas real estate and Pedregal de La Paz real estate.

If you are interested in:

– second home residence,
– vacational home,
– investment property,
– homesites,
– development homesites,
– commercial properties,
– luxury homes,
– beachfront homes / ocean front homes,
– town center homes,
– mountain view villas,
– ranches,
– haciendas,
and many many more, we have it all.

Coldwell Banker Riveras is the #1 Coldwell Banker franchise in Mexico for the past 5 years running, we encompass over 35 years of local real estate experience through the state of Baja California Sur, with offices around the state.

For more information on real estate opportunities in Baja, please contact us at info@cbriveras.com, call us at +52 624 143 1342 or Toll Free from US 1.866.805.49.38. See all our listings of Baja real estate.

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