To Build in Baja California Sur

By Leticia Diaz Rivera

I come from a family of entrepreneurs and for several decades it was a pleasure and also the best schooling experience to work side by side with my father. Not only was he an example but I learned a great deal about sales, building and land development, which is why I feel compelled to share with you some of the advantages of buying land and building a home. To Build in Baja California Sur.

Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas
Whenever you buy an existing home you are conscious of the spaces and it is pretty easy to see yourself living and entertaining in it. You might even consider doing some modifications to what is already there, and the best part? You get to live in it right after the closing, piece of cake! But buying a lot and building is a completely different story but with an equally happy ending:

Sea of Cortez view lot in Pedregal de CSL
•    You get to choose the location and size of your lot. Ocean view, second row, corner lot, double-access lot, deep-sloped for a multilevel residence… possibilities are endless.
•    Once you’ve chosen the right one, whether on your own or with the help of an architect you can render your future property based on your needs and likes: where the entrance will be, how tall you’d like your ceilings, how much to leave as a garage + storage room, etc.
•    You get to choose the materials, finishes and quality of each single element that will constitute your home: white marble, wood floors, iron railings, tempered windows, concrete kitchen, etc. Each of these elements play an important factor when looking for a more contemporary design with a minimalist approach, or a more classic yet functional home.
•    Buying is also budget friendly! From day one you can determine how much you can spend. If you have a limited budget you can choose to build by stages and leave preparations for future updates or additions. I strongly recommend to always leave a margin as a reference in case there is an extra expense and you can finish on time and how you had planned it.
•    There are several construction firms in the area that are well established and have experience building in Baja California Sur. They can help you plan, manage and guide you throughout the construction process and will take care of all the paperwork, permits and needed documents to finish your property.

Pedregal de la Paz 3
My last piece of advice would be, whether buying an existing home or building to your needs, it is important that your personal signature is visible, this is what ultimately turns a house, any house, into a home! Feel free to let me know how you feel and any other questions you could have. Send me an email to

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