Todos Santos lifestyle and real estate throughout the perspective of Alvaro Colindres.

When I first met him I thought: what a gentleman he is! Over the past year Alvaro Colindres has proven to be more than just that, but a true real estate professional. His outstanding performance and service have granted him to be one of Coldwell Banker Riveras’ Top Producers.

Living in Todos Santos for over a decade, Alvaro shares how exciting and rewarding it is to live in a small community on the Pacific side.




Where are you from?
I grew up in Daly City, CA a suburb of San Francisco.

Were you involved in Real Estate back in the US? Why did you go to this line of work?
I enjoyed a rewarding profession in the hospitality industry and served at some of SF’s finest restaurants. Real estate was not something I’d considered before moving to Todos Santos, but when I had the opportunity to learn from a license realtor– the way real estate transactions are handled in the states, I jumped at the opportunity. Also, at the time, many Todos Santos real estate offices were organizing and forming a MLS and thought it would be good time to enter the profession.

When did you discover Todos Santos? How long have you lived in this Pueblo Magico?
We first discovered Todos Santos in 2000 and have lived here full time since 2001. We moved into our home summer of 2002.


Everybody says Todos Santos is a great place for people to retire, as a fulltime foreign resident, is that true? What are the advantages of living in here?
Well, it’s a good place to retire, but don’t plan on letting dust settle on your shoes! Retirees soon find themselves busy with an active social life, exploring creative outlets, and learning Spanish! I’m also seeing younger couples with children moving to Todos Santos and starting businesses and there are more full time residents living year round. Summer is my favorite time of year time when the town slows down and gets very quiet. Summers are also a time when many full timers like to visit their family or explore other parts of Mexico. I enjoy the small town feel of Todos Santos, the restaurant scene, the serenity of the Palm Oasis, living on the Pacific and wide open desert landscapes, yet most conveniences are available in town or less than an hour’s drive on the new four lane highway to La Paz or Cabo San Lucas.

And the obligated question, how do you see the Todos Santos / Pacific Real Estate Market?
Todos Santos real estate market, I like to say is “slow, but steady.”  In my opinion, the Pacific corridor between CSL, Pescadero, Todos Santos and Las Playitas in general are the next areas to watch for development. Also Todos Santos’ designation as a Pueblo Magico have federal funding earmarked for municipal improvements, just look our newly paved streets and sidewalks.

Lastly, what would you recommend for someone looking to invest in the area?
Now is a good time to buy. There’s new inventory coming on the market and properties that have been listed for a while are adjusting to market demands. We are moving through much of the inventory for homes in the $250 to $300K range and showing more homes in the $350 to $600K range. We also have gorgeous lots and development properties that would make good investment opportunities. And if you’re looking to start your own B&B, we have several properties that would have right mix of ambiance and location. Come and settle in for a while, as long as you can, and let the layers of a busy lifestyle melt away. Meet people and network. Enjoy the outdoors, walk, hike, surf, meditate, explore the various neighborhoods and dine at the various restaurants. Enjoy the town and work with a real estate professional to help you find your place under the Baja sun.


If you would like to talk to Alvaro about the different opportunities of how you too can enjoy Todos Santos Pueblo Magico, send him an email to or call him to the Coldwell Banker Riveras office at (612) 145.0118. From US / CA (858) 964 3712

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